Africa abounds in unsuspected wonders.

Késoued inherited from a secular tradition which she revises under the sign of the modernity to honor Africa, it is at first the identity of the cultural wealth, her artistic workforces rich in sensational colors.

Through her abstract and full of imagery arts, Késoued brings us in a long journey full of forms and reliefs which give sensations of tactile evasions to her works, the creativity is her vital lead. She uses material such as calabash, raffia and wood. An optical method which places her in a singular cultural identity. She allies two pictural techniques (looking for the light, for the movement of colors which reveal the spontaneity of an admixture).

Just as much the oil with the brilliant acrylic movements and trails freeing a key that each marry will have the freedom to seize. Messages conveyed in her works represent generally the every day life in Africa, the condition of the woman, the tolerance which often lead to lively emotions and profound sentiments.